Diveagar Hotel Food

Diveagar Resort Dining

If homely is what you dream of, you can smell it in our cuisine. Our culinary specialties will indulge you with delicious dishes that tickle your taste buds and whet your appetite. Our indigenous spices and cashews will lure you to new and tasty food habits. Our Stay in Diveagar will prove a new heaven on earth when you come to know what a Konkani style treat is in store for you. Our, fish curry and typical Konkani dishes will teach you village test and keep you hale and hearty in salubrious settings without shelling out astronomical sums as you fear and if you have sufficient time to spare.

  • Veg/Non Veg Snacks
  • Konkani veg/non Food
  • Authentic Konkani sea food
  • Maharashtrian veg/non Food
  • Beverages
  • Cold Drinks
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